Ardian Pradipta

I’m a Software Engineer. Currently working at Samsung SDS Asia Pacific, Singapore.

Tech Stacks

  • Java, Python, Javascript

  • Infra setup (Docker, K8S, VM)

  • Azure (AKS, Key Vault, CosmosDB, DevOps, Pipelines, etc.)

  • Version Control like svn and git

Current Interest

  • Data engineering / ML engineering,

    Since I have quite a lot of experience in building API and data transformation, I always wonder how do my company process this kind of data, how they assess this data, how they give recommendation, etc. Well, I have long journey ahead.

Side activity

  • ✨Finally✨ commited to some course of AI Engineering and Korean course.

  • I created salary calculator for Indonesian Worker.

    I know it’s just only one simple website 👉👈 But I have more plans for my upcoming projects!

  • I love to play game occasionally.